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The Power of Packaging

Clayton Ray

APR. 14, 2020

The Power of Packaging



The Power of Packaging (This is where we get excited!)


For jewellery retailers and brands, presenting that perfect jewellery piece to the end-customer means telling the full brand story through marketing, positioning and packaging.


The essence of the brand needs to resonate throughout the entire customer experience.


Jewellery displays, boxes and trays are so much more than physical containers, or protective holders for the jewellery contents. They play an important role in communicating the brand story to market.


If you think Tiffany… you immediately call to mind the iconic robin-egg blue box.


Everything about a Rolex watch should be elegant, dignified, and perfect, including the watch box.


Cartier’s red evokes luxury in their packaging.

If sustainability talks to your brand, environmentally responsible packaging such as recycled paper, cardboard, wood and carbon neutral alternatives may be the way to go.


Packaging helps to set the stage for jewellery gifts and those oh so special occasions in life. Asking someone to marry you involves opening a beautiful ring box to the reveal the ring inside. Packaging adds to the anticipation, appreciation and excitement of the hidden treasure inside. Conversely, sub-standard packaging can detract from the true value of the jewellery piece inside.

Rose Gold on White 3.jpg

Packaging is a vital component of a jewellery brand strategy and what this means to the end customer. It goes without saying that customising your packaging with your jewellery brand name or logo, will strengthen your brand.


Indeed, at the retail stage, packaging conveys what the brand is and what this means to the consumer. It is an integral component of one’s business strategy, not an afterthought.


We are passionate about building jewellery brands.


Speak to us about making your branded jewellery packaging needs a reality.

Proudly assisting South African jewellers, artisan designers and wholesalers with their jewellery packaging, jewellery label and jewellery presentation needs. 

Quality jewellery packaging, jewellery labels, jewellery software, jewellery presentations.

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