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Valentines News Edition

FEB. 08, 2022

Who can believe we are well into February already?
February…. the month of love… 😊
The first full trading month of the year! Let’s make it happen.
February is the international month of friendship, as well as Valentine’s Day.
A month of love.
We hope you are ready for a great trading month – let us know if we can help with packaging for all the jewellery you will be selling this month!
Valentine’s Competition

Virtual Consults

MAY. 08, 2020

Crayve Presentations is now offering a virtual consultation service to help jewellers during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Happy Mothers Day 2020

MAY. 03, 2020

Happy Mothers Day!! The One Where We Were Quarantined.

Yum Rusks

APR. 27, 2020

Today has been a chilly day! Perfect for making a batch of these beauties!

This recipe is as good as it gets, super easy and passed down from an Afrikaans friend’s Ouma. They are delicious!

Freedom Day 2020

APR. 27, 2020

Happy Freedom Day 2020!!

The Power of Packaging

APR. 14, 2020

The Power of Packaging (This is where we get excited!)

For jewellery retailers and brands, presenting that perfect jewellery piece to the end-customer means telling the full brand story through marketing, positioning and packaging.

Competition Time

APR. 07, 2020

Jewellery creatives! Hello to you all in the land of lockdown.

We know it can be frustrating to be stuck at home but we just know you are using this time to hone designs, skills, reflect and forward look. With that in mind, now is the best time to make your branded jewellery packaging dreams a reality.


APR. 01, 2020

We're working from home due to the #lockdown - and it's keeping us more creative than ever!

Covid-19 Important Message

MAR. 16, 2020

The financial health of our country, and of thousands of SME’s in South Africa, relies on us keeping the economic immune system as strong as possible.


Quality jewellery packaging, jewellery labels, jewellery software, jewellery presentations.

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