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Branding For Your Convenience

Crayve Presentations has their own in house printing division with a team of experienced foiling machine operators, and using a process called Hot Stamp Foil Printing we are able to custom brand your products. Branding your product using hot stamp foil printing offers the possibility of adding your name a range of metallic eye-catching colors to your product.

​What type of printing service do we offer?

Crayve Presentations only offers hot stamp foil printing. Your printing plate is mounted onto a foiling machine and is heated and pressed onto the product, over a sheet of coloured foil. Your logo is embossed on the plate and then debossed on the product, with or without a coloured foil.


This printing technique is especially good for printing in metallic colours, such as gold and silver. Unfortunately, this technique also has a few limitations.....very fine details and very large areas are difficult to print.

Our printing methods include:​

  • Hot Stamp Foil Printing (with foil), on pads, selected packaging, pouches and envelopes.

  • Hot Stamp Printing (without foil), on selected packaging, pouches and envelopes.

What is a printing plate?

Use this link to find out more about printing plates.

What types of foils used in the hot stamp foil process?

In order to achieve various kinds of finishes and designs, different types of custom foil materials are used. Some of the foil materials Crayve Presentations uses in the foil stamping process are:

  •     Metallic Foils

  •     Pigmented Foils

What are the standard foiling colours offered?

The availability of a range of metallic, matt and glossy colors makes it possible to create custom branding on your product. We offer a range of standard foiling colours to choose from, and are able to source other colours where possible. However it is important to know that there are also limitations to foil colours used in comparison to the pantone chart and exact colours may not be able to be achieved.

Some of our standard colours are:

  • Gold (Metallic)

  • Silver (Metallic)

  • Gun Metal (Metallic)

  • Chocolate (Metallic)

  • Black (Matt and Glossy)

  • White (Matt and Glossy)

  • Other Colours Are Limited


Should a special foil colour be required for printing onto products that are not supplied standard by Crayve Presentations, an additional charge will apply, please discuss with your sales assistant.

The quality of the printing?

The quality of the print will depend on how well the engraving is done and more importantly, how fine the logo is. The finer the logo, the more difficult the print certain surfaces. Also, we rely on good surface area for the foil to take (ie - affix / transfer itself to the surface area), however very large areas are difficult to print as well. For this transferal, we use heat and pressure to make contact between the plate, the foil and the surface printing area. The logo on the plate heats the foil which in turn transfers the logo onto the surface using heat and pressure.

As you can imagine, there are many factors affecting the foil printing process so the quality cannot be comparable to printing your logo from a laser, bubble jet printers or litho printing.

How do I qualify for free printing?​

Printing is offered free of charge by Crayve Presentations, provided we are printing onto one of our products. This free service applies should the minimum packing unit be taken, AND you have purchased a printing plate set or already purchased a printing plate set. It is also dependent on the free Value Add Print offered for that specific product.

Should an additional print be required or printing onto products that are not supplied by Crayve Presentations, a printing charge will apply, please discuss with your sales assistant.

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