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The Right Packaging

The Importance Of Packaging

Presentation is part of the experience when receiving that important piece of jewellery from someone. Investing in the right quality jewellery packaging from Crayve Presentations will help to enhance your brand while leaving your customer in awe of their purchase. The right package is perfect for those essential finishing touches!

Uses For Packaging

Our packaging covers jewellery boxes, pouches, carry bags, envelopes and other kinds of jewellery packaging for many kinds of jewellery.

Packaging Design

Crayve Presentations has carefully chosen packaging designs to suite most brands. Our jewellery boxes come in a variety of different choices from  plastic, cardboard, luxury hinged boxes. Our carry bags create that lasting impression, while the envelopes round off that packaging experience. From the classic to the modern Crayve Presentations has it covered.

Branding Your Logo

All our jewellery packaging can be branded with your logo depending on the item. This is the perfect way to create a lasting impression of your brand.


Look out for the "Value Add Print" which will tell you about the free printing options.


Printing is offered free of charge by Crayve Presentations, provided we are printing onto one of our products. This free service applies should the minimum packing unit be taken, you have purchased a printing plate set or already purchased a printing plate set, and is dependent on the free Value Add Print offered for that specific product.


Perfectly Boxed

Jewellery boxes in a variety of styles and colours for all types of jewellery.


Something Extra

Just looking for an extra way to package that jewellery piece envelopes offer just that. With or without a polish cloth.


Splash Of Luxury

Pouches are an attractive and convenient way of packaging one’s jewellery.

Pillow Boxes

All Rounder

For shipping or to package a large jewellery piece, the pillow boxes is an all rounder at this.

Carry Bags

Create An Impression

For that lasting impression carry bags offer a great way to present your packaging.

Stone Boxes

Diamonds Or Gemstones

We offer a high end diamond box to present and keep that diamond safe.

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