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What it takes to stand out from the crowd!

How can Crayve help?

At Crayve Presentations, we do not specialise in fully customised packaging and colours in-house, but can request this from our local or international manufacturers. There are minimum order quantities applicable which can vary between 250 per colour/per style to 1000 units per colour/per style depending on the product.


Lead times of between 12 to 16 weeks from sample sign off will apply, depending if imported or locally produced.


Does Crayve manufacture?

As a wholesaler, Crayve Presentations’ main business is to source and supply jewellery packaging that is available and almost “on demand”. The “customisation” or “manufacturing” of jewellery packaging can be a difficult and complicated process depending on the manufacturer and can lead to high volumes required (min of 250 to 1000pcs per style per colour).


Crayve Presentations has been dealing with manufacturers locally and internationally for many years, to try and narrow the gap and take the headache and financial burden away from jewellers having to order high volumes directly and navigating long lead and shipping times.


When we order from various factories world-wide, Crayve Presentations regularly orders the same product collections in high volumes to ensure competitive pricing and consistent quality. When a product is fully customised, and you order the minimum order quantity (for example 250pcs product dependant), then the product price can be higher than our standard product price. You will need to order in the 1000’s to achieve comparative product pricing.


Crayve Presentations keeps a range of standard packaging lines in a variety of colours and styles which we are able to supply to you, our customers, foil branded in more manageable volumes and with shorter lead times.


Standard packaging vs customised pacakging?

The only challenge with ordering from our “standard packaging” is the limitation of choice of colours and styles. The comforting part is we try and keep colours and styles running for at least 2 to 3 years, before changing or revamping collections.  This means you have the peace of mind that what you see is what you get, almost immediately available when you need it, provided that we have stock on hand.


There can be times during the year when stock levels on fast moving items may be low, or you might order in between our cycles of receiving stock.  We will always let you know any potential delays when ordering, and there can be alternate options available in alternative colours or styles for a short-term fix.

Customised packaging can certainly help you stand out from the crowd, but will require higher volumes orders and longer lead times which can be a barrier to many jewellers.

Where to start?

Get an idea by looking through our standard product lines.  If the current styles and sizes will suite your brand, but you just need a tweak on the colour, then half the work is done in getting your own customised product. Let us know what colours and materials you have in mind.

If you would like a different style and size product in your own colours and materials, email us some ideas and we can see if our suppliers locally or internationally can assist.

You can email us at

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