Econo Collection

An Economical Package

Economical Jewellery Boxes

The Econo jewellery boxes are our unbeatable budget box. This jewellery boxes are an injected moulded plastic, two piece box. The exterior colour of this jewellery box is available in a variety of colours with a slight glitter finish.


The interior of the jewellery box is fitted with a sponge insert covered with white suede for the ring boxes and the other jewellery boxes are fitted with a double layer of wadding.

Uses For These Jewellery Boxes

These Econo jewellery boxes can be used for many different kinds of rings, earrings, chain and pendants, bracelets and necklaces.

Jewellery Box Design

The economical makeup of the Econo jewellery boxes makes these jewellery boxes quite inexpensive, making them perfect for packaging of silver or fashion jewellery.


Branding Your Logo

The Econo jewellery boxes can be branded with your logo on the outside lid of the jewellery box. This is the perfect way to create a lasting impression of your brand.


Value Add Print: One free print one the outside of the jewellery box.


Printing is offered free of charge by Crayve Presentations, provided we are printing onto one of our products. This free service applies should the minimum packing unit be taken, you have purchased a printing plate set or already purchased a printing plate set, and is dependent on the free Value Add Print offered for that specific product.


Econo Ring Jewellery Box


Econo Ring Jewellery Box with a H-Cut,40x40x33mm

Colours: Black / Blue


Econo Universal Large Jewellery Box


Econo Earring, Chain and Pendant Jewellery Box with a Wadding Insert,58x58x22mm

Colours: Black / Blue


Econo Universal Small Jewellery Box


Econo Earring, Chain and Pendant Jewellery Box with a Wadding Insert,40x40x18mm

Colours: Black / Blue


Econo Bangle Jewellery Box


Econo Bangle Jewellery Box with a Wadding Insert,78x78x24mm

Colours: Black / Blue


Econo Universal Medium Jewellery Box


Econo Earring, Chain and Pendant Jewellery Box with a Wadding Insert,48x48x22mm

Colours: Black / Blue


Econo Bracelet Jewellery Box


Econo Bracelet Jewellery Box with a Wadding Insert,215x35x20mm

Colours: Black / Blue

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