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Covid-19 Resource Pack

Crayve Presentations has used this time during lock down to collaborate with different industries to see our industry, and potential areas of risk for our trade, with fresh eyes.


We have put together a "Back to Work Resource Pack" which looks at getting your "space" Covid-19 ready, as well as your "people" ready.


 Included is a resource pack listing suppliers of Covid-19 Care products. If you do not want to go through the hassle of sourcing the products from the list of suppliers then we can do this on your behalf.  

Are you struggling with the UIF TERS  benefit?  You will find useful information below with some useful guides on "How to apply" and "After application guidelines".


This is a free resource and this has been done so that we can get our favorite industry up and running and COVID READY!!


**For the supplier resource pack we have no interests in these companies or any deals in place for kickbacks or commissions. If we source on your behalf, additional charges will be added to the cost of the product.

Back to Work Resource Pack

We thank you for playing an important role in our Industry’s Covid-19 readiness and in your workspace, your staff and your customers. 

Your Space

Use these guidelines as a framework to get your workspace Covid-19 ready ahead of re-opening.

Your People

Use these guidelines as a framework to get your people and policies Covid-19 ready ahead of re-opening.

TERS Benefit How To Apply

What is it? A special UIF benefit to pay employees that are not being paid or are being paid less as a

Who is it for? Companies registered with the UIF who have result of COVID-19 been affected by COVID-19 and employers of domestic workers.

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