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Perfectly Boxed

The Importance Of Jewellery Boxes

Jewellery boxes are something you must think about and plan for when packaging products for your customer's jewellery. Your pieces may be low cost

or high end, but the jewellery box plays a special

role in the experience that the customer has as

well as the experience for the person that receiving

that special gift.

Choosing The Right Box

Our jewellery boxes come in a wide range of styles

and sizes which are versatile to fit most jewellery

from rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets and

necklaces. Quality is important and all our jewellery boxes are made with care and precision. Look for

that jewellery box that you would not mind receiving yourself. Most businesses benefit from repeat

customers, the right box is a simple and effective

way to accomplish this.

Packaging Design

Crayve Presentations has carefully chosen packaging designs to suite most brands. Our jewellery boxes

come in a variety of different choices from  plastic,

cardboard and luxury hinged boxes. From the

classic to the modern Crayve Presentations has it covered. We have carefully selected a materials

and colours that would compliment your style.

Branding Your Logo

All our jewellery boxes can be branded with your

logo depending on the item. This is the perfect

way to create a lasting impression of your brand.

Look out for the "Value Added Print"

which will tell you about the free

printing options.

Printing is offered free of charge by Crayve Presentations,

provided we are printing onto one of our products. This

free service applies should the minimum packing unit

be taken, you have purchased a printing plate set or

already purchased a printing plate set, and is dependent

on the free Value Add Print offered for that specific product.


Economical Plastic

The Econo jewellery box is our unbeatable budget box.

Trend Collection

Modern Styling

A upmarket modern collection of hinged boxes offering modern styling and colours.

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Classic Cardboard

The Paper Art jewellery box is simple sleek and understated jewellery box.

Contemporary Collection

Modern Styling

A upmarket modern collection of hinged boxes offering modern styling and colours.

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Setter Collection

Elegant Design

This elegant collection of hinged boxes offers great quality and good value.

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